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Yield Protocol Listing in

The Yield Protocol has announced today via their Twitter handle that their token $YIELD will be getting listed Tomorrow 5th March 12 PM UTC.

DaoMaker Has Introduced the new Strong Holder Offering (SHO) of Yield Protocol Recently and it was a massive success like all other DaoMaker SHOs.

Yield Protocol, the first technology of its kind, was designed to simplify the creation of investment strategies for yield farming. And their listing of exchange is no doubt great news to all the SHO participants as well as those who missed the SHO because now everyone will be able to fill their Bags with tokens of this Potential Project,

Their Partnership with Daomaker and other Big Influencing companies in the market already hyped this project among the crypto community and now it is very exciting to see where will it go and how will it perform in the wider community of Traders

Yield Protocol has made a successful token sale in DaoMaker. Everyone knows that Yield Protocol is an open-source platform that enables everybody to execute yield farming and trading strategies on the Ethereum Defi ecosystem. This technology is simple and can secure smart contracts. The first product built on Yield Protocol is Yield Shield is an algorithmic DeFi farmer that began its development in June 2020. After The great success of algorithmic Defi farmer that began its development in June 2020. After the great success of Orion and Open predict in 6 months. Supported by DaoMaker, Yield Protocol uses the Ethereum blockchain as the core network, which has the highest number of Defi protocols built upon it, hence the highest protocol aggregation in order to provide the best APs to its users. The team used this high-level programming language for the Factory smart-contract. Personal smart-contract, The Investing Contract, and the pool contract, There are collections of Libraries that allow you to interact with the platform seamlessly. 

$YIELD Token Will be listed on tomorrow at 12PM UTC. This is very Exciting for Everyone. From Yield Protocol team, to DaoMaker folks and Staff and Community to everyone who have been waiting for this moment for months.

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