NuCoin – Have the Aussies Built What the Blockchain World Has Been Waiting For?



NuCoin minting on the NuGenesis blockchain has commenced on the mainnet, now allowing applications for stakers and early adopters. NuGenesis is part of a family of blockchain technologies that have demolished the obstacles of mass adoption and mainstreaming the new crypto economy. Scalability, block size limitations, speed per second limitations, folks, shards and the need for interoperability are now obsolete issues. NuGenesis has completely re-imagined blockchain tech to challenge assumptions and allow for a custom designed consensus mechanism to evolve and adapt to an expanding economic reality. 

NuGenesis, and the nucoin native token that is the currency of the blockchain family, to be made available to the crypto community from July 1st. With no pre-sales, NO ICO and no crowd funding, the team down under has worked tirelessly to resolve the major issues facing the blockchain world.  

During an early interview with the Head Data scientist and CTO Luay Mohesn, he was asked how it feels to be the new guy in this space and be tasked with resolving some of the major issues of adoption.  His reply “It’s great being seen as the new guy in the space, although we are anything but new, Nugenesis has been a project designed and implemented over a period of 8 years. Actually our original designs were back in 2013, slightly after the release of XRP. When asked about his experience in cryptography it astonished us, to hear that Luay has been in the cryptography space from as early as 1992, The days of the floppy disk.

So the question remains, why has it taken 8 years for the world to learn about NuGenesis. 

“We decided to build, then promote, we witnessed the world of blockchain entering the arena of become financial assets, Therefor to stay within the laws, Both current and future, we built a legal proof system, We refused to take any early investment or launch a pre ICO or Even and ICO. We wanted to give the world a ready built solution, not a promise to build”

Nucoin has no dominant “owners”, instead NuGenesis will be community consensus driven as it is designed to maximize diverse participation through a trust-less governance structure representing the best of a DAO with community participants functioning the roles of Councilors, Senators and management and divided in regions to maximize the robustness of decentralization.

Having designed a legal-tech infrastructure, NuGensis is the go-to blockchain for new projects to use, collaborate and develop knowing full well that it is completely interoperable with other chains and other existing blockchains.  Through our interoperability, silos of technical expertise will disappear in favor of trust-less collaboration.  

Private blockchains are then added that will attract the funding for specialized projects.  From Venture-Capital/angel investments, to a community-patent system for scripts and solutions, to a Tech-City, pioneering in Australia, as a physical home for the community members to live, work and thrive.  

After 7 years of R&D the team of NUCOIN have torn-apart and re-imagined from scratch, hundreds of current blockchains in order to remove the debates in the crypto community in favor of encouraging mass-adoption, mass collaboration, the removal of information/technical silos and where everyone in the community has, and is rewarded by their economic role.  

To facilitate communication and collaboration in the co-operative community, we have provided a social-media interface that’s quantum leaps ahead.  Our platform protects your privacy without denying you all the features to access what is going in the crypto space – from forums, webinars, debates, “how to” instructional videos to the vast array of community members busting with skills that you can benefit from.  You can even prioritize your emails, DMs, texts and chats according to importance and urgency.  

While having a one stop site, for everything Crypto. 

The Spec Features

  • Unlimited scaling potential;


  • Speeds starting at 100,000+ transactions per second using a singular chain; With the potential to exceed 1 million transactions per second, when combining the ability of the NUGEN future Network.
  • Daily coin capping with coin burn capacity to bolster system integrity


  • NuGenesis is a Minting hybrid (Proof of Authority with  Artificial intelligence Validation monitoring . The NuGenesis chain integrates multi-chain, minting, and mining/staking using only your mobile phone!  Indeed everyone in the community has an input value, if not a miner, you can choose from multiple other roles, with no resource cost, earning continuously.  


  • Nugenesis abolished the concept of the ‘winner takes it all’ in mining, to replace it with the generation of treasury distribution. Storing mined coins into the Treasury ledger where separate protocols for their allocation will be applied.  This means that everyone will be rewarded for their mining efforts. As an integral part of the coin creation, miners are expected to stake. Mining can be done through a person’s phone or web browser, with no requirement for extensive power or GPU.   


  • Nugenesis uses POA (Proof of Authority) as the consensus protocol while focusing on useful work of AI (Artificial Intelligence). 


  • The Use of GENI (genesis AI interphase) Known as NAVIS (NuGenesis artificial validation intelligence system) starting as a machine learning protocol and as the blockchain grows the duties of NAVIS will grow. Navis is a functioning AI, can underwrite the continuation of a trust-less and security-enhanced system while monitoring the validation process.


  • It is designed to be adapted for CBDCs; including the integration of AI-powered KYC solutions for those countries we are in the negotiations with ready to use it.  


  • NUGEN is build on A multi Framework foundation Including, , Ethereum, C++, substrate and will expand to connect the vast frameworks,  Nugenesis enhanced its parameters through its modules and APIs yet preserving the skeleton to allow any matching system to integrate with cross platform communication.   We go a few quantum steps further than other chains to allow for the cross-chain creation of coins, allocation of minting resources, cross platform treasury support for unlimited numbers of chains without double-identifier issues or sharding issues needing to arise.  


  • Likewise, though bridges we enable seamless integration with external (and existing) blockchain projects enhancing the collaborative power of fin tech and smart contract layering to propel innovation. 


  • Maximized API and user-interface experience to maximize accessibility by a wider user base attracted to the space enabling them to fulfill their vision. With a 5th generation blockchain interphase, nucoins ability to mint and be traded is unparalleled. 


Therefore NUGen promises to innovate the cheapest, most efficient and easiest platform to conceive and develop their blockchain projects.  With a modular capacity, small number of hooks in your code, you can swap between algorithms, hashing functions etc to configure the best project to realize your vision.  You import not only the core blockchain functionality, but all the supporting structure that goes with it, including para-chains and bridges, to maximize the interoperability of your projects. 

Creating the perfect condition for truly a cooperative and community coin. Combining the best of social media through while creating the world’s first online tech hub, for entrepreneurs, tech developers, blockchain developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and crypto users in general. 

NUGENESUS is not just a blockchain but the embodiment of an online crypto society, where the conditions and functionality of the blockchain is decided by the community, while sharing the uplift of the minted coin amongst the co-operative, appreciating everyone’s value.  

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