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The all-star, outrageously dark, comedy feature DECRYPTED is getting its world premiere with a  UK release on 1st November 2021. 

Decrypted is a dark and provocative dark comedy that lampoons the efforts of the American security  services to control cryptocurrencies. It also tackles the issue of prejudice, touching on race, sexuality,  gender, economics and politics. 

A mismatched NSA team kidnap the creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto (played by Akie Kotabe) –  and attempt to torture him for the information they need to destroy cryptocurrencies. But nothing goes  according to plan, and the botched NSA operation forces together a homophobic field agent, a  feminist technical adviser, a transgender asylum seeker, a crypto-anarchist, a racist Brexiteer and an  inclusionist MI5 agent. Sparks fly when their respective prejudices clash. But when they all succumb  to a truth drug, their newfound honesty has riotous consequences. 

Decrypted stars Sophia Myles (Transformers: Age of Extinction, A Discovery of Witches), David  Hoflin (Z: The Beginning of Everything, Bosch), Amanda Abbington (Sherlock, Mr Selfridge), Kevin  McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean, Designated Survivor), Talisa Garcia (Baptiste, The Girlfriend  Experience), Don Gilet (The Stranger, The Loch), Clive Francis (The Crown, A Clockwork Orange),  Akie Kotabe (The Man in the High Castle, Jason Bourne) and Sophie Barker (The Holly Kane  Experiment, Caged). 

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The film was shot in London and South East England, but was closed down due to the pandemic in  March last year with only 70% of the film completed. Shooting resumed in September, and the last  scene was shot just before the next lockdown. 

Decrypted is the fifth film from father-son writer-director team Mick Sands and Tom Sands, and  producer Phil Harris. The team’s previous work includes Rupert, Rupert & Rupert, nominee for Best  Comedy at the National Film Awards 2020. 

Mick Sands, writer/producer, said: “The idea that the US government is very interested in controlling,  if not destroying, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seemed like a new and exciting set-up for a film.  Since the blockchain is essentially about honesty and transparency, I thought it would be fun  to explore those themes through the characters.”  

Tom Sands, director/producer, commented, “Mick and I discussed the story at an early stage. I wanted  to strip it down and have it play out in a claustrophobic environment, where the location acted as a  pressure cooker and everything supported the performances of the amazing cast we were working  with.”  

Phil Harris, producer/editor, added, “I really hope the crypto community gets behind this film because  it champions cryptocurrency, and promotes honesty and transparency. I have seen an emerging  blockchain revolution within the film industry, which I hope will help disrupt the current outdated,  bloated and often dishonest status quo. I want us to be a part of this new and transparent movement  and will be looking to form partnerships with these emerging blockchain companies.”  

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About Substantial Films 

Headed by father-son writer-director team Mick Sands and Tom Sands and producer Phil Harris,  Substantial Films develops and produces feature films and TV series. Since 2013, we have produced  five films, which have been distributed in over 20 countries, shown at prestigious film festivals,  generated critical acclaim, and established Substantial Films as a producer of original entertainment  that explores compelling themes.

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