European Blockchain Convention: Over 2.500  People Are Set to Attend Europe’s Most Influential Blockchain & Crypto Event in 2021

The congress, which will be held online on 13-16 December, will provide access to an AI powered networking platform to facilitate virtual 1:1 meetings between the 2.500 attendees. 

An exceptional line-up of over 120 speakers will join this year’s event, including Algorand  Foundation CEO Sean Lee; ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ author Dr. Saifedean Ammous; Bitstamp  managing director Jean-Baptiste Graftieaux; Bank of Israel deputy governor Mr. Andrew Abir; Bank Santander head of blockchain Coty de Monteverde; Circle chief strategy officer Dante  Disparte; Distrikt co-founder Andra Georgescu; ConsenSys Health founder Heather Flannery;  Hyperledger executive director Daniela Barbosa and European Parliament member Eva Kaili. 

The talks will cover topics including the institutional adoption of DeFi, the tokenization of  securities, stablecoins, the rise of NFTs, decentralized social media, CBDCs, the new era for  financial services, self-sovereign identity, sustainability, social innovation, gaming in the  metaverse, why DAOs matter, blockchain scaling solutions, green bonds…  

The industry is extremely hot. Global venture capital funding into blockchain startups reached  an all-time high of $6.5 billion in the third quarter of 2021, surpassing the second-quarter  total of $5.2 billion, according to CB Insights. For the first nine months of 2021, global VC  funding into blockchain hit $15 billion, up 384% from 2020′s full-year total of $3.1 billion.

European Blockchain Convention co-CEO Victoria Gago said: “Barcelona is still EBC’s home,  but with the Covid-19 outbreak being still a health emergency in Barcelona and Europe, we  have to think of what’s best for our attendees. The safest answer is to host EBC fully online in  2021. We look forward to welcoming attendees back to Barcelona in 2022.” 

“This edition is an opportunity to increase exponentially our impact in the space. Never before  in history has there been such an event with so much quality content about blockchain”, says  Daniel Salmerón, co-CEO of the EBC.

european blockchain conference

“We expect to shatter our past attendance record and  this translates into multiplying the networking opportunities for our attendees.” 

In the last EBC, female attendance was at 38%. As part of the 50/50 Initiative, the organization  aims to reach 50% this year as diverse teams cover more ground, ask more questions, exhibit  more innovative thinking, and create better working environments. 

About European Blockchain Convention 

European Blockchain Convention was born in 2018 in Barcelona with the mission to inform,  educate and connect the global blockchain community.  

4 years later and after 5 large events, European Blockchain Convention has become the place  where thousands of the world’s brightest minds meet every year to discuss the role  Blockchain technology will play in the future. 

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