Bondex Announces Upcoming Platform Launch: A Web 3 Revolution to Disrupt Online Recruitment

Press Release: Distributed P2P network Bondex has announced the launch of its Web 3-based platform on Solana blockchain for early 2022.  


21st December 2021, Miami & SingaporeBondex is pleased to announce the launch of its Web 3, recruitment platform built on the Solana blockchain. The platform (which launched in August 2021) grants an ownership token and distributed revenue in the form of the native BNDX token via a reward system. Users will also have a say in future platform changes with their inclusion in the Bondex governance system. 


Recruitment Industry Issues

The modern recruitment process can be frustrating and time-consuming, with a risk that suitable applications will be rejected or lost due to the obsolete algorithms still in place. Users pay a hidden cost by exposing their sensitive private data, leaving it visible on recruitment portals in some cases. By leveraging the power of the Solana blockchain, Bondex aims to eliminate time and effort-intensive challenges existing in the current online recruitment models. 


The Bondex Model

Bondex scores over traditional platforms and portals, not only by providing a social, collaborative platform for job search but also by deploying DeFi via integration of conventional finance and cryptographic capabilities. 


Bondex platform users will have access to a digital cross-chain wallet. This gives every user an entry and exit ramp between fiat and cryptocurrency, adding liquidity and profitability to their holdings. Bondex has created a solution that monetizes recruitment for all participants, rewarding them for using the platform and sharing their professional profiles just like regular professional networks like LinkedIn. 


Bondex has also made security feature improvements with the inclusion of the real-time verification of documents on the blockchain. This upgrade will completely remove the risk of any trespassing, leaks, or false credentials. 


Why Solana?

The Solana blockchain is the perfect bedrock for Bondex with its high transaction throughput and low-cost transactions. Bondex will utilize the frictionless payment system built over Solana to help professionals seamlessly receive payments across borders and without the need for any bank account. 


This feature could be a viable solution for recruiters who will now have access to a global talent pool, permitting them to pay salaries at low transaction costs in a secure and trustless way. This feature will work both ways, benefiting both job candidates and recruiters. 


How to Join The Bondex Ecosystem

Bondex will be live on the Solana network in early 2022, and job seekers can already sign up to the Bondex Origin Application (Beta version of the ecosystem) to start building their professional profiles and uploading their resumes. 


Users can earn token rewards by helping the Bondex ecosystem grow in its native BNDX token through green mining, which increases the network hash rate in the early stages. Once their profile is completed, users can earn more rewards through successfully referring more users from their networks, the larger their network the more they can earn. Interested parties can join the Bondex ecosystem today and start earning rewards.


About Bondex

Bondex is a premier distributed network for professionals that seeks to build utilities across vital elements in the recruitment process – sourcing and management of talent, upskilling, and matching with the best opportunities. 


By leveraging blockchain capabilities within a unified end-to-end experience, it is creating a circular economy of talent and talent seekers that revolves around user data and a unique tokenized revenue-sharing model. It is time to welcome the next-generation abode of professionals powered by blockchain – It is time to enter the Bondex revolution.    


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Media Contact Details

Contact Name: ipalomera@bondex 

Contact Email: Ignacio Palomera


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