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ZooKeeper Launch, The Ultimate NFT Marketplace

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Press release: Yield farming dApp ZooKeeper is proud to announce the launch of its unique NFT marketplace,, which went live on January 3rd, 2022. 


5th January 2022, GENEVA, Switzerland is a new NFT marketplace, and one of the biggest developments from yield farming dApp ZooKeeper since the launch of back in April 2021. OpenZoo is the heart of the ZooKeeper ecosystem and a unique platform designed to inspire artists of all mediums, whilst providing them with the tools to deliver unique creations to the world. 


A Not So Ordinary NFT Marketplace

There are many things that set OpenZoo apart from other similar NFT marketplaces but the most prominent difference is the variation of creations that the platform supports. Upon launch, OpenZoo enables the listing of no less than 8 different categories, including: 


  • Digital Art
  • Charity
  • Game Assets
  • Music
  • Utilities
  • 3D Art
  • Traditional Art
  • Video


With more unique mediums like 3D, video, and sound creations supported by the platform, OpenZoo really is an NFT marketplace for all artists and patrons. OpenZoo has heavily focused on artists’ collections to encourage varying styles of NFT art and enable artists to grow their brand, or help market their project globally.


Other OpenZoo Benefits

Unlike other similar marketplaces, it is free to create and list NFT collections on OpenZooCreators can also set royalties for their NFT collections, enabling them to set a percentage cut for future resales, while auctions allow buyers to bid for the item on sale and include a reserve price for the seller to choose. 


Another added benefit of OpenZoo is that the network’s low gas fees mean that artists are not pressured to recoup their NFT minting costs by immediately selling creations. In fact, the platform offers free gas to all newcomers as illustrated here.

Additionally, artists that want to separate themselves from the herd can earn an officially approved badge through an OpenZoo verification process that carefully checks the origin of their artwork and its legitimacy. Open to Everyone

ZooKeeper has designed OpenZoo to be an inspirational marketplace for artists of all styles, and mediums. Artists, photographers, musicians, video makers, 3D designers, game designers, sound creators, and even artists whose work bleeds between these categories are all welcome to join and sell their creations. With such a wide variety of categories, the OpenZoo marketplace has the potential to host limitless possibilities of art creations. 


ZooKeeper believes that a platform that allows the integration of as many different forms of artistic media is the ultimate environment for the growth of the global NFT art community and essential to the evolution of the wider NFT marketplace environment. 


Connecting to

Users and artists can easily connect to OpenZoo via a supported MetaMask wallet which must be connected to the Wanchain network. Right now the $ZOO token is the only currency used in the OpenZoo marketplace. 


As of the time of writing the OpenZoo NFT marketplace has been online for 36hrs, already exceeding 630,000 $ZOO in trading volume and 100+ verified collection listings. Interested parties can check out the OpenZoo marketplace here for a glimpse into the future of NFT art. 


OpenZoo Links

Market | Collections | Docs


ZooKeeper Links 

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