AccoinGreen ($ACCG) Review – IEO Is Now Live on Coinsbit

Attention crypto enthusiasts who hate pump-and-dump schemes and love innovation! You are in for a treat. Today we look into the payments-focused cryptocurrency AccoinGreen $ACCG.

Australian Crypto Coin PTY LTD issues $ACCG, a family-built, operated, and run company in Queensland and registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. This is straight off inviting because Australia has some of the strictest crypto regulations, and the project is willing to comply. This is a hot-red token that just reached the public sale stage from a project that started in early 2021.

AccoinGreen is a token on Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 1 quadrillion. However, it is not a meme token driven by hype. This huge token supply represents the world GDP, and each token is 1/10^15 of it. This is the first time we see tethering not to an asset class but the global economy altogether. Since the world GDP sits above $84.5 trillion, one $ACCG is valued at $0.0845. API automatically tracks GDP and changes the token price accordingly. GDP tethering is a fresh approach with a huge appreciation space. The global economy has just recovered to the pre-pandemic level and is heading north. Besides, blockchain is one of the prospective economic drivers expected to generate up to 10% of GDP by 2025.

According to the white paper, the company plans to keep 30% of tokens and put 70% in escrow to be gradually distributed in the market and the token utility increase in the ecosystem. The project begs to differ from your average token with a quadrillion supply and will use 1% of the gross turnover to buy carbon credits and bring the world closer to zero net carbon emissions (hence, they have “green” in the token name).

$ACCG aims to upgrade payment modes in finance, e-commerce, and the supply chain. It targets the digital-world problems that demand attention, like the slow payment process, outdated payment options, multiple taxes and fees, harmful environmental impact by PoW blockchains, the significant carbon footprint of slow legacy processes, and the presence of various intermediaries. $ACCG sees the key to streamlining the payment infrastructure and fixing the above issues in integrating blockchain and crypto. First off, the project company wants to integrate $ACCG in its other existing ventures in advertising, e-commerce, social media, and payments. Later, it will seek wider adoption for its payment platform, creating infinite opportunities targeted at individual investors and traders.

In a recent AMA, the project team revealed that they work on token integration on several platforms to enable product and service purchases in $ACCG worldwide. According to a community admin, $ACCG staking kicks in January. The plans for 2022 include extensive marketing and PR, including audience outside of the crypto circle, in Q1 and expansion of the product lines into verticals in Q3.

This is the first cryptocurrency venture by the Australian Crypto Coin. They plan to issue more valuable cryptos and move them to a blockchain network of their own in the future. Their mission is to combat global problems with every new token creation with its benefits. The team expressed that they are open to suggestions from the community regarding the future development directions and invite contributors/ambassadors.

$ACCG has just launched. As you read this, its IEO is ongoing on Coinsbit and ends at noon UTC on January 18, 2022. See the link below, and mind that full KYC is required for participants. It’s nice to have new projects that address real problems, contribute to great causes, and make our world a better place. Give AccoinGreen a follow!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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