As NEO & Polygon Stumble, Market Whispers Grow around’s ($DOMI) 340% Surge!

Rumors are spreading around the cryptocurrency space that ($DOMI) is set to enjoy up to a 340% upsurge during its presale, making it one of the best altcoins to invest in this year. $DOMI prices open at $0.0021 during the presale and are expected to launch on exchanges at $0.00924. A 1 billion token cap gives lots of growth potential. Some analysts predict prices will rise by over 50x once tokens are launched on exchanges.


August was a rough month for Neo ($NEO) investors as most of its 2023 growth was wiped out during the recent crash. However, things appear to be turning around as prices start trending upward again after dropping by over 20%. Polygon ($MATIC) investors have also seen their portfolios shrink by over 15% in the past month.

Analysts pick ($DOMI) as one of the best altcoins to invest in runs an Ethereum-based blockchain that shares its functionality, transparency, and security. It uses smart contracts and non-fungible tokens to create a unique model that allows investors to purchase small portions of blue-chip artworks they wouldn’t be able to outright purchase on their own.

Investors can hedge against market forces like inflation and stabilize their portfolios by investing in art. The value of art isn’t dependent on financial markets and they historically provide a 7.6% return on investment over the years. High-end art typically appreciates over time, so investors can also earn substantial profits.

There’s just one problem…

Most people don’t have enough capital to invest directly in famous art like Pablo Picasso’s Les Femmes d’Alger which last sold for $179 million in 2015. The previous owner purchased it for $31.9 million in 1997, walking away with over $140 million in profits. Only the world’s top 1% can afford these works outright and enjoy the profits that come along with them. takes on this issue head-on, by coming up with an innovative way to allow regular people to invest in art. Instead of having to spend millions on prestigious art, investors can buy small portions of these pieces on the ecosystem with its native currency, $DOMI.

Opening up art investments to the masses uses ERC20 coins created on its blockchain to create a secure and transparent way for anyone to invest in blue chip art. Here’s what the process looks like:

  •’s team of experts searches all over for high-end blue-chip art that represents various styles and periods. Only works that have a history of price appreciation are selected and purchased by the art team
  • The artworks are transferred to an insured vault for safekeeping while a unique non-fungible token is created to serve as its digital version. These tokens aren’t like most of the popular NFTs in the cryptocurrency space which are valued on speculation; their worth is based on the cost of the original work
  • The tokens are then divided into many smaller pieces, allowing individuals to invest as little or as much in any artwork stored in’s vault. These tokens will appreciate as the original work they represent appreciates and investors get a portion of any financial gains made

Neo (NEO) and Polygon (MATIC) are not expected to keep up with

Neo and Polygon both provide useful solutions in the cryptocurrency space and their recent slump shouldn’t have a significant impact on their long-term growth. The August crash was across the board and saw many cryptocurrency projects lose their value.

Neo and Polygon remain top altcoins as the former helps to automate digital asset management with smart contracts, while the latter has made major strides in aiding the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Summary has emerged as one of the best altcoins to invest in thanks to its innovative approach to opening up investment in high-end art. Neo and Polygon also have the potential to offer investors some profits given how undervalued their tokens currently are, but their growth likely won’t keep up with’s projected 50x growth once launched. Very few altcoins are projected to experience that much growth this year.

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