CratD2C IEO on Coinsbit: Crypto E-commerce, Directly to Consumer

This week marks a new IEO by CRAT. CRAT is a utility token by the US-based project CratD2C that runs a blockchain marketplace for digital products and services, e.g., copyright, freelance, and software. It offers four use cases for CRAT and plans to add plenty of new ones.

For CRAT Luxury Lifestyle, a 31-year deal is signed in UAE to offer 20% to 30% discounts at hotels, resorts, vacation spots, cruises, bars, and restaurants in a partner network with over 1 million locations when paid in CRAT. Integrations are scheduled for Q4 2022.

Next, CratD2C offers highly lucrative staking between 3.5% to 5%. The yield is not APY but MPY (monthly percentage yield). In annual numbers, the rewards are up to 60%.

When CRAT moves from BSC to its own blockchain, reflect commissions will kick in. A 5% fee will be collected with each transaction. One half will be split between all token holders, while the other will go to the e-commerce platform traders, both businesses and individuals.

The main product, the e-commerce platform, and its real-estate version are in the making and will launch in the second half of 2022. The e-commerce platform will offer strong QA to protect all involved parties. Other advantages include efficient payments and complete predictability and transparency thanks to adopting blockchain. The real-estate platform will simplify the creation of portfolios with extensive additional services targeted at residential and commercial customers under the Direct to Consumer model.

CratD2C enters a whopping USD 4.89 trillion global e-commerce market that is projected to grow at about 10% yearly. It aims to contribute to it by seamlessly integrating the distributed ledger technology for the most straightforward connection between manufacturers and consumers and rewarding manufacturers, consumers, and partners who attract users to the platform.

The maximum supply of CRAT is limited to 40 million tokens, only 40% of which will enter circulation at early stages to drive scarcity. From January 26 to February 8, the second phase of CRAT public sale (IEO) is live at $0.15 per token on Coinsbit. The token sale bracket is $0.1 to $0.55 at the top in the eighth phase, so now is an excellent time to join*. The minimal investment is USD 20 worth of BTC, ETH, LTC, or USDT. If you decide to join, please note that Coinsbit will need to pass full KYC first.

* Not financial advice.

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