ShibaInfinity Generates 10 Thousand Unique Shiba NFTs, Launches Its Token Pre-sale

Shibainfinity has successfully generated 10 Thousand unique Shiba NFTs ahead of Its Metaverse Museum Launch. The Shibainfinity team will sell these unique Shiba NFTs to Native token holders (SHINU Token).

ShibaInfinity Metaverse Museum

ShibaInfinity Metaverse will contain a museum where our NFT holders can display their NFTs in the museum as virtual arts. This will serve as the first virtual dog museum on the metaverse as viewers will have to pay a certain amount to view the displayed Shiba NFT arts, which will, in turn, increase the valuation of  NFTs over time. Each NFT in our metaverse museum has a specific location and frame.

ShibaInfinity has already unveiled the version 1 view of the museum. Given the level of commitment from our developers, the museum will be in full operations before the end of Q1 2022. Shibainfinity developers will transform the physical museum experience into a digital one, enabling users to visit them virtually online. Similarly, initial interactive development created by Shibainfinity developers offers an immersive 3D club-like experience, giving users the ability to have a vast and immersive experience in the dog metaverse.


Party-To-Earn: All Shiba Dog NFT holders will have free access to Shibainfinity events, rewards, and unique participation prizes.

Holder Opportunities: Shibainfinity will give holders access to the world’s most interactive virtual concerts, festivals, and private dog parties.

NFT Rewards: Members with more Shiba Inu NFTs will receive higher monthly rewards.

Entertainment EcoSystem:  Worldwide festivals, live concerts, parties in nightclubs, and expositions all in one place: Shibainfinity Metaverse.

Decentralized Event Organization: Every NFT holder on ShibaInfinity will have the power to vote for important decisions related to the project’s expansion.

Merch and Collector Items: Owners of NFT will have private access to an online store featuring collector and dedicated items or unique collabs with artists: sweatshirts, caps, t-shirts, CDs, and artwork.

Shibainfinity Pre-Sale

Users need to purchase and hold Shinu Token to participate in Shiba dog Metaverse.

Visit Shibainfinity Token Sale Page to purchase Shinu Token.

ShibaInfinity Community






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